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Free Downloadable Featured Books:

The Making of Marx’s ‘Capital’. Roman Rosdolsky’s book is a major work of interpretation and criticism, written over fifteen years by one of the foremost representatives of the European Marxist tradition. Rosdolsky investigates the relationship between various versions of Capital and explains the reasons for Marx’s successive reworkings; he provides a textual exegesis of Marx’s Grundrisse, now widely available, and reveals its methodological riches.

Capital in the 21st Century.  Thomas Piketty’s controversial empirical study linking capital’s growth with growing inequality, and arguing for creating a new social-democratic political space.

Marx on Gender and the Family: A Critical Study by Heather Brown. This is the first book-length study devoted exclusively to Marx’s perspectives on gender and the family, offers a fresh look at this topic in light of twenty-first century concerns. Although Marx’s writings sometimes exhibit sexism his work often transcends these phrases. Brown studies his writings on gender, as well as his 1879-1882 notebooks on precapitalist societies and gender.

This Monstrous War. Wilfred G Burchett’s book on the history of the Korean War, based on his on-the-spot reporting. Excellent background for understanding the ongoing Korean crises today.

Economic Theory of the Leisure Class by Nicolai Bukharin. A classic 137-page work from the early 1900s offering a Marxist critque of the Austian School, the forerunners of today’s neoliberals

John Brown: A Biography, by WEB DuBois, 1909. A 400-page history of the man and the period, and an early work that took John Brown seriously as an American hero.

Downloadable Book: Antonio Gramsci by Steve Jones

Downloadable Book: Black Jacobins by CLR James

Downloadable Book: The Poulantzas Reader

Downloadable Book: Domhoff’s ‘The Power Elite and the State’

Downloadable Article: Anderson’s ‘Antinomies of Gramsci’

Downloadable Book: The Gramsci Reader

Featured Downloadable Book: Cyber-Marx by Nick Dyer-Witheford

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