Live Classes

This is where we do video conferencing--with live presentations and your ability to question and comment

We use Web-Ex, and to attend a session, you'll need a special login and UserId. You can obtain them for each session by emailing ahead of time. For some sessions, there may be a small fee, payable through our sending you a Paypal invoice which you can pay with any bank card.


CHINA'S NEW DIRECTION UNDER PRESIDENT XI. For a recording on the 90 minute discussion, featuring Duncan McFarland and David Schweickart, both of CCDS:

Streaming recording link:
Download recording link:


We had an excellent  Online Discussion in real time June 28 on Catastrophic Climate Change, organized by the CCDS Climate Change Committee and its Socialist Education Project. Still Available:  Slideshow in PDF format for Schwartzman's Presentation

The threat of Climate Catastrophe: the evidence, the challenge and the opportunity For a look a public opinion on the topic, click HERE
Also, Fidel on Global Warming and the Climate Crisis is a resource, as is Schwartzman's site, SolarUtopia

Part two of the discussion, on the practical politics of the question, will be announced in a few weeks. The full login links will be available then.
For full videoconferencing, so you can be seen as well as heard, you will need a webcam on your computer. A headset is recommended, too. Putting yourself on 'mute' ( *6 on most devices) when not speaking is also recommended, to lower noise and feedback. But you can listen and speak on a regular phone also. This first time you login, it will take a few minutes for your browser to download and install the viewing software. Don't panic, just hit the buttons. If you mess it up, you can start over.

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