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This is where we do webinars and video conferencing--often with live presentations and your ability to question and comment

Democracy in Chains: A 90 minute webinar with 30 participants on Nancy MacLean's book exposing the connection between neoliberal and segregation. Led by Carl Davidson, with a PowerPoint followed by discussion. SAND AND BLOOD: Militarizing the US-Mexico border and its toll in casualties.  A 45 minute webinar.slideshow presented by Carl Davidson on the book by John Carlos Frey. Provides the bigger framework for campaign and ICE and concentration camps.

THE US CONSTITUTION, THEN AND NOW, A condensed history of Anglo America from 1500 to the present, using a review of constitutions and the social struggles around them as an organizing focus Part 1. By Carl Davidson, four sessions all together. Posted after they occur online.
Now ready: Part 2
Now ready: Part 3

Now ready: Part 4

STUDYING GRAMSCI: A Video Webinar organized by Carl Davidson

Carl Davidson is inviting you to use our recent Zoom meetings on Gramsci.

Here's  the recorded video links for all three sessions:

For live classes, headphones with webcam are best. If you are just using a phone, login to the site via the link on a computer or tablet so you can see the visuals and hear (if your computer has speakers,) then call in with you phone, so it can serve as your mike, but keep it on mute until you're asked to speak. You can ask to speak using your keyboard and the chat box.

Economic Update: Resistance Economics

Rick Wolff's Radio Show.

This broadcast:  Updates on NRA economics, anti-Chinese tariffs, BMW emissions cheating, Brexit's lesson, IBM dumps older workers, Tennessee teachers fight and win, CBO reports US income inequality deepening even counting welfare etc. Interview Prof. Ian Seda-Irizarry on "heterodox" economics at City University of New York.
We have decided to change the Wednesday evenings at the Judson Memorial Church from a monthly to a bi-monthly (every other month) frequency. Thus our next gathering will be Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30.  We will not gather on April 11.

Check this spot weekly for the latest session. He's one of our favorite Marxist professors now doing counter-hegemonic media!

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We usually use Zoom conferencing, and to attend a session, you'll need a special login and UserId.  You can obtain them for each session by emailing ahead of time. Or it will be posted here. For some sessions, there may be a small fee, payable through our sending you a Paypal invoice which you can pay with any bank card. It helps a lot if you have a headset on your computer, and/or are in from of a computer online. A regular phone, however, can also be used.


CHINA'S NEW DIRECTION UNDER PRESIDENT XI. For a recording on the 90 minute discussion, featuring Duncan McFarland and David Schweickart, both of CCDS:

Streaming recording link:
Download recording link:


We had an excellent  Online Discussion in real time June 28 on Catastrophic Climate Change, organized by the CCDS Climate Change Committee and its Socialist Education Project. Still Available:  Slideshow in PDF format for Schwartzman's Presentation

The threat of Climate Catastrophe: the evidence, the challenge and the opportunity For a look a public opinion on the topic, click HERE
Also, Fidel on Global Warming and the Climate Crisis is a resource, as is Schwartzman's site, SolarUtopia

Part two of the discussion, on the practical politics of the question, will be announced in a few weeks. The full login links will be available then.
For full videoconferencing, so you can be seen as well as heard, you will need a webcam on your computer. A headset is recommended, too. Putting yourself on 'mute' ( *6 on most devices) when not speaking is also recommended, to lower noise and feedback. But you can listen and speak on a regular phone also. This first time you login, it will take a few minutes for your browser to download and install the viewing software. Don't panic, just hit the buttons. If you mess it up, you can start over.